Stock Restoration

Your car is a classic piece of history... a work of art that deserves to be restored to its original splendor. Corvettes, Cudas, Mustangs and other muscle cars are held in high regard when you invest in a frame-off, stock restoration. Valhalla craftsmanship is an investment in your vision. There may be unknown or unforeseen repairs on any restoration project, and Valhalla will help you understand the scope of your project. Call Valhalla at (908) 223-1136.

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Valhalla stock restoration

The truth is, every car is different. We will review the car and have an initial conversation. However, in order to really understand what needs to be done, the vehicle has to be taken apart. During this process, we will be able to see what is broken or erroded due to age and disrepair. Specify “Restore to NCRS Specifications”.

Some cars featured may be from previous employ.

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