Where old warriors rise to ride again

Mythology holds Valhalla as a heavenly hall for the chosen slain warriors of Odin. Like the Valhalla hall, encrusted with metal spears for rafters, roofing of shields, and breast plates littering the shores, so too does Valhalla Kustom start with the very metal fabrication of an automobile. Skilled craftsmen return damaged vehicles to their original splendor... or to a new state of Kustom... ready to ride once more. Call Valhalla at (908) 223-1136.

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Valhalla muscle cars
Arrival at Valhalla By Berig [GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

April 29, 2011 - Valhalla revs engines for spring car shows with kustom metalwork and paint for classic cars and muscle cars read more
AJ brings a vision and mission to Valhalla Kustom... where cars that once ruled the roads can be resurrected to their original splendor and ride once again. Whether a classic stock restoration or a complete Kustom build, Valhalla treats this magnificent piece of automotive history with the dedication and respect it has earned. Owners can choose a frame off restoration, everyday driver, or complete Kustom build. The Valhalla team of specialists consistently delivers excellence in metal fabrication, body work, paint refinishing, and more.
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