Words from our clients

Ron E: 

 AJ, Munch, and the whole team at Valhalla are absolutely great! They’ve done a fantastic job on my Jeep, Jag and VW Bug and I couldn’t be happier! A truly honest and professional shop, unlike the drama queens on reality TV and the restoration shop BS you see. Give Valhalla a call, I highly recommend them. 

We are absolutely thrilled with the work Valhalla did to transform or 2001 Wrangler TJ beater to the Pearl Tangerine, lifted and tuned beauty they created. AJ, Munch and the whole team at Valhalla are experienced, honest professionals and just plain great people to work with. We’ve always been very pleased with the work Valhalla has done for us over the years and look forward to our next project with them. Do yourself a favor and check them out if you have project you’re considering. Thanks again AJ!!! 

Frank D:

AJ, Munch, Mike and the rest of the guys at Valhalla just finished some minor bodywork and a paint refresh on my Roadrunner. Most guys wouldn't want to touch a 50 year old car unless they could completely restore it, but Valhalla was up for the challenge and did an amazing job. These guys are incredible craftsmen, great businessmen and even better people. Highly recommend to anyone with a custom or classic. You should see their metalwork and fabrication skills...wow! 

Jim M:

Brought our 2000 C5 Corvette to Anthony and his team. What beautiful work they did!! New brakes,rotors,sway bars,serpentine belts,battery,Billy Boat exhaust system,cowl cover,shocks front/rear and sooo much more. I can not even begin to explain how HAPPY WE ARE!! With all of the work. All OEM where possible estimate was right on for final bill.
See you in the Spring for the rest of the list....... 

Joe F:


Two years ago I started putting this project together, & for two years my mom put up with me leaving part boxes in her house, granted she started using them as shelving and a place to hang calendars lol. Mom always supported, encouraged, & honestly gave me alot of my ideas & love for cars, & she loved The Bee more than I do, whenever I would uncover it & fire it up she would come running then pretend to faint when I reved him up....So now The Bee will forever be a tribute to her. A big Thank You to Anthony Biancone, Juan Munch Gonzalez, & Javier Soto of Vallhalla Restoration & Fabrication, Tony Bassetti & B.A.S Auto Parts, & My Big Brother Howard Kowalski for helping make this happen, Love yah all.

For those wondering what was done:

SRT10 Front Bumper W/ Custom Inserts
Ram Air Built Into Bumper
Custom Rear Roll Pan
Custom Rear Ground Effects
Side Molding Deleted
Rear Bumper Deleted
Towing Hitch Deleted
Blacked Out 3rd Taillight
Roof Repaint
Custom Pinstriped "For Mom" Tribute

 Anthony & his crew are not only THE best shop around but there equally amazing people who treat you & your vehicle with respect & make you feel like family. 

Bob P:

Visited AJ, Munch and the crew just this week after a few years absence. New place is awesome and the team is rockin some outstanding units. If you want some serious design and quality work you don’t have to go to those Velocity channel money pits. Drop by Valhalla and ck it out ... they can do it all!! They kicked ass on my Caddy!


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